Who Needs Wellness

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It is interesting to see that the interest in the matters of Wellness are now slowly and surely spreading widely across all age groups. Spirituality is no longer a topic for the post 60’s. Wellness- mental and physical are a huge attraction even in young adults .

Catch them early and watch them Grow- It is so important for the children and youth of today to start shaping their thoughts holistically as they are the future of tomorrow. With life becoming so hectic, the parents spend lesser and lesser time with kids

The rise in juvenile ( On and By) related crimes is alarmingly on the rise.

By calming the mind, adjusting owns thoughts and reactions to situations – One can empower themselves completely and carve their own destiny.

Hence by Integrating Holistic approaches, bringing awareness to the Mind – Body connection and Doing something about it pro-actively ..the only possible outcome can be WELLNESS

A Healthy Body, a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Approach to life ( Actions)  leads to a Healthier and Happier and more Productive YOU

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What We Represent

Saama is derived from Sanskrit which means Tranquility, Calmness and Control of Mind.

What our logo represents is the Human body,as shown by the colors of the earth(oranges and browns), surrounded by nature and its gifts(as represented by the greens), receiving healing energies and rejuvenation.The red dot is the mystical third eye, the spiritual center of the body.The blue of the text represents both the sky and the water element,which provide energy and rejuvenation to the whole planet, and mark the boundaries to our physical world. All in all, a picture of complete harmony and self contained healing


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