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  • Celeste Skin Lightening Facial - Duration : 60 min / Price : Rs.2200 +

    Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) from Lemon and Orange is excellent exfoliant and helps in skin brightening naturally. Jojoba nourishes and maintains skin elasticity.
  • Actilift Skin Firming Facial-Duration: 60 min / Price: Rs.2200 +

    Active ingredients like Pomegranate and Ashwagandha extracts being photoprotective and prevent collagen breakdown helping in anti-wrinkle activity. Jojoba oil nourishes and maintains elasticity of the skin making it look youthful.
  • Aquaboost Hydrating Facial-Duration: 60 min / Price: Rs.2200 +

    Dates with a bouquet of essential vitamins like A, B, C and K responsible for health, youthfulness and elasticity of the skin. MCT in Coconut oil helps in enhanced absorption of the vitamins giving deep hydration to the skin.
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What We Represent

Saama is derived from Sanskrit which means Tranquility, Calmness and Control of Mind.

What our logo represents is the Human body,as shown by the colors of the earth(oranges and browns), surrounded by nature and its gifts(as represented by the greens), receiving healing energies and rejuvenation.The red dot is the mystical third eye, the spiritual center of the body.The blue of the text represents both the sky and the water element,which provide energy and rejuvenation to the whole planet, and mark the boundaries to our physical world. All in all, a picture of complete harmony and self contained healing


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