Dental Care


One cannot focus on mental and emotional well-being when the tooth is pounding an ache in your head... or when every time you wash your mouth or spit into the sink or bite into an apple you see blood. Or when you have to cover your mouth every time you laugh... Or when you talk or go close to someone and they move away because of bad breath.
Realistically, you have to feel fit and feel good, to be able to feel genuinely at peace with yourself. We at Saama understand this and hence bring to you Perfect 32 Dental Care and Implant Center where you will receive high quality dental care, designed to take care all your dental concerns with extremely well trained & experienced professionals and staff in an ambience you will love. You will be tended to with the State of the Art Equipment, Diagnostic tools and Materials. Treatments range from the simplest procedures (such as cleaning, fillings, extractions etc.) to the more involved ones (such as Root Canals, crowns, bridges, implants, Orthodontics etc.). The child and the adult are all treated with utmost care and respect. You will walk out with a near perfect smile!!

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What We Represent

Saama is derived from Sanskrit which means Tranquility, Calmness and Control of Mind.

What our logo represents is the Human body,as shown by the colors of the earth(oranges and browns), surrounded by nature and its gifts(as represented by the greens), receiving healing energies and rejuvenation.The red dot is the mystical third eye, the spiritual center of the body.The blue of the text represents both the sky and the water element,which provide energy and rejuvenation to the whole planet, and mark the boundaries to our physical world. All in all, a picture of complete harmony and self contained healing


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