Meet the Founder & the CEO


Dr.Sandhya Ramanujam
Founder & CEO
D.D.S (USA), B.D.S (India), C.B.M(USA), C.A.D(USA)
P.G.D.M.L.E (India), CHt (USA), (M.A.-Psychology)
Fellowship in Implantology
Fellowship in Orthodontia
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

Dr. Sandhya Ramanujam is a leading dental practitioner, proficient in all phases of dentistry and specializes in the placement and restoration of Dental Implants. She has worked extensively in the US and India, on full mouth rehabilitations cases using cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry techniques.

Her forte include smile makeovers, crown and bridge work, veneers, laminates etc. She plans out and executes the' teeth in an hour' concept with dental implants.
In addition to performing specialized dentistry in a clinical capacity, she has extensive knowledge in the administrative functions of a healthcare organization and quality assurance departments, owing to her training in Business Management from New York University. She has completed her post graduate diploma in Medical Law and Ethics from National Law School and has authored a book published by Jaypee Brothers called "Medico Legal Aspects for the Dental Professional". She is setting up the Dental wing in a Multispeciality Hospital in Nigeria.

She founded Saama Wellness Center which houses holistic offerings under one roof namely, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Diagnostics Investigations,Homeopathy, Holistic Body Massages, Conducts Health workshops, Training programs, Personal growth labs, Youth Leadership Programs, Train the Trainer Programs and Offers Employee Wellness programs on site as well as at the organizations. The center houses the Toastmasters Clubs for kids below 18yrs called Dhwani Gavel Club, For adults called Dhwani Toastmasters Club and for advanced speakers called Dhwani Advanced Toastmasters Club.It also offers a Debate club.
Dr Ramanujam is a Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, thereby providing a full-fledged counselling center for adults, teens and in family counselling.She conducts Youth Leadership Programs at Management and Engineering colleges as well as for children to help improve their communication, Public speaking and Leadership Skills.

She is a certified Life Coach and an International workshop leader by Hay House Ltd, USA and conducts Heal Your Life & Stress Management programs - using the Louise Hay Philosophy.
Methodology used in her workshops -­ Meditations, Family Constellation Therapy, De-conditioning, Inner child work, Law of Attraction, Mirror work, Belief Replacement , Forgiveness Work , Visualization, Affirmations, Chants, NLP and TA. Her counselling is based on the Rogerian principles as well as Gestalt

Her background in medical training gives her an enriched understanding of the human body and mind and a very practical approach to problems . She is very personable thus rendering her methods very result oriented.

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What We Represent

Saama is derived from Sanskrit which means Tranquility, Calmness and Control of Mind.

What our logo represents is the Human body,as shown by the colors of the earth(oranges and browns), surrounded by nature and its gifts(as represented by the greens), receiving healing energies and rejuvenation.The red dot is the mystical third eye, the spiritual center of the body.The blue of the text represents both the sky and the water element,which provide energy and rejuvenation to the whole planet, and mark the boundaries to our physical world. All in all, a picture of complete harmony and self contained healing


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